Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“As a parent, our #1 priority is our children.  We researched our options for orthodontists to find that Dr. Hickman was the perfect fit for our daughter’s needs.  From our very first visit they made Bailey feel special and confident.  Everyone here is very professional and really took the time to listen to our concerns and goals.  They offer a service to their patients that goes over and beyond to make us feel as comfortable as possible.  Bailey loves the up to date technology.  The office is super clean, which means a lot to us.  Thank you Dr. Hickman and staff for making this such a wonderful and positive experience for our daughter! I would recommend you to all families looking for an orthodontist they can trust!”
The Zerby Family

“Dr. Hickman has been the best!  My two older brothers also had braces here and have great smiles! Thank you to Dr. Hickman and all your great assistants.”
Sam D.

“Dr. Hickman is the best orthodontist ever! I just got my braces off in October and it was so easy!  The entire staff made me enjoy coming for my appointments.  Plus the office is nice and all the staff are extremely friendly.  Dr. Hickman made my experience the best!”
Jessica L.

“I love coming to Dr. Hickman’s office!  I have a HUGE improvement with my teeth.  Ever since I started coming here everyone has treated me like family.  If I could give Dr. Hickman’s office a rating out of 10, it defiantly deserves a 10! All my friends that come here, all say positive things and I can say the same. Thank you Dr. Hickman and staff for my smile!”
Megan R.

“I wasn’t happy with my smile until I saw Dr. Hickman.  His staff is the best!  They are almost as cool as my new smile!”
Emma A.

“Dr. Hickman has made vast improvements to my teeth.  He even helped me with my science fair project! Thank you Dr. Hickman!”
Matthew N.

“Two of my kids had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hickman and I was ALWAYS impressed with everyone in the office and all treatment.  It wasn’t until I began to have alignment problems with my teeth, related to grinding and clenching, that I fully realized how awesome they are.  From my first appointment to discuss my concerns to the last appointment of having my braces of, I was treated with respect and care.  It may be “just braces” to some, but to me it was a big deal having braces as an adult.  My new smile is absolutely gorgeous and for the first time ever I notice that my teeth touch as they are supposed to.  I even notice it when chewing.  Dr. Hickman is top notch, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring.  The staff is just as great!”
Britt B.