Caroline G.

Caroline G.

My teeth have really moved! I brush my teeth every night and day! I wore my rubber bands every day for 3-4 months!

Jeffrey P.

Desiree is AWESOME!

We appreciate Dr. Hickman’s honesty and candidness.

Grayson W.

Great place for both adult and teenage patients.

Caroline D.

I think Dr. Hickman’s office is a great place for kids because they are nice, friendly, and generous. The office is very inviting.

Paxton H.

I love how friendly and how they make it so easy for something that’s typically not and the really cool glasses you can wear.

Molly A.

Every time I come Dr. Hickman is nice and reassuring! He also tells me everything before he does it and tells me what they are called.

Aubrey H.

Go Hickman Orthodontics! Thank you for making braces not painful

Britt B.

Two of my kids had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hickman and I was ALWAYS impressed with everyone in the office and all treatment. It wasn’t until I began to have alignment problems with my teeth related to grinding and clenching that I fully realized how awesome they are. From the first appointment to discuss concerns to the last appointment of having my braces off I was treated with respect and care. It may be “just braces” to some, but to me it was a big deal having braces as an adult. My new smile is absolutely gorgeous and for the first time ever I notice that my teeth touch as they are supposed to. I even notice it when chewing. Dr. Hickman is top notch, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The staff are just as great!

Sam D.

Dr. Hickman has been the best. My two older brothers also had braces and have great smiles now. Thank you to Dr. Hickman and all his assistants.

Emma A.

I wasn’t happy with my smile until I saw Dr. Hickman. His workers are the best! Almost as cool as my smile