Lorraine and Madeline H.

Lorraine and Madeline H.

Dr. Hickman and the ENTIRE staff is warm, welcoming, and friendly. However, his ability to work with any mouth is incredible. We went to him because we were referred, but his professionalism, friendliness, ability to make a positive difference is second to none! And oh yes, he’s a Buckeye fan!

We couldn’t be happier- we’ve had 2 go through and 1 more to go!

Melissa C.

It has been a pleasure to come to Dr. Hickman’s office. I have two children that had braces and this office is professional, friendly, and does great work. We never have to wait with the efficient sign-in system they have in the front office.

Jessica L.

Hickman’s is the best orthodontist ever! I just got my braces off in October and it was easy! They made me enjoy coming. Plus their office is nice and the workers are extremely friendly. Hickman made my experience the best!

Megan R.

I love coming to Hickman Orthodontics. I have a HUGE improvement with my teeth and all I have to do to keep my teeth straight currently is a retainer! Ever since I’ve started coming here, everyone has treated me like family. If I could give Hickman Orthodontics a rating out of 10, it definitely deserves a 10. Everyone I know that comes here all say very positive things and I can say the same! Thank you Dr. Hickman and staff!

Anthony F.

I love to come to Dr. Hickman’s office, I never have to wait. They also don’t hurt your teeth. All the people are very nice to me. And I get to try to win prizes for taking good care of my teeth and braces.

Denise R.

As a family with two kids in braces and two working parents we’ve especially appreciated the promptness of Dr. Hickman and his staff. Everyone at the office is friendly and polite, we never feel rushed, and we are in and out in no time! We’ve recommended this office to many people over the years. Good job!

Erin H.

They are always nice and get your braces off fast!

Braeden G.

I really like everything here at the office! I love the cool sign-in computer! I also like how nice everyone is to me! Every time I walk through the door someone is there to greet me with a smile! I also love the people here who fix my teeth and the cool sunglasses I get too! Overall it’s awesome here! Thanks!

Noah B.

Dr. Hickman is the best orthodontist. He’s perfect! He makes my teeth straighter than I’ve ever seen before!

Matthew N.

Dr. Hickman helped me with my science fair project and has made vast improvements to my teeth! Thank you!!